The attribute with AttributeId = ‘guid’ was not found in the MetadataCache

I encountered this error when trying to export the solution from Dev environment. There was little information in the exception or the log file, but I could guess that something had been deleted and it didn’t update the MetadataCache (or the solution) somehow.

After googling, I found the solution is to delete the attribute/component from the CRM solution.

private static void RemoveComponentFromSolution(IOrganizationService service, Guid componentId, int componentType, string solutionName)
	RemoveSolutionComponentRequest removeRequest = new RemoveSolutionComponentRequest()
		// this is the Guid you have found within your Dynamics 365 trace files
		ComponentId = componentId,
		ComponentType = componentType,
		// This is the unique name, not the display name of the solution you are trying to export
		SolutionUniqueName = solutionName

	var response = service.Execute(removeRequest);

The component type can be retrieved using FetchXML

<fetch top="50" >
  <entity name="solutioncomponent" >
    <filter type="and" >
      <condition attribute="objectid" operator="eq" value="component guid here" />

Can’t set record Status Reason to default value in CRM Worklfow with Status Transition Rules Enabled

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[Exp+1] Bug in Calculated and Rollup Fields

Security issues with calculated field and rollup field in CRM V9

I created a new CRM Online trial to try out latest features from July Update 2017. The version is 1612 ( (DB online.

When playing with calculated field and rollup field. I found errors in the two fields. I think they are bugs, but not sure if they are from the same root cause.
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